Yes, more on Chatbot GPT. And other interesting stories, too!
Keeping up with ChatGPT (still), microbiome update, another pandemic, eugenics apology, and more stories.
Brain wrinkles, stem cells, do artificial sweeteners raise blood glucose over time? and more stories...
Can microbiome dysfunction be transmissible? Lots more on the ChatGPT phenomenon (including our own new podcast episode) and more stories!
A new flouorescent dye that can cross the BBB barrier in the brain, using pecha kucha for active learning, and a lot more!
ChatGPT is still in the news. But so are therapeutic mitochondria, how we use skeletal remains, whether HDL is "good"—and a lot more!
What?! Another "new organ?" This one is a thin membrane disappears as the brain is removed during dissection. That, and other stories, in this update.
How the gut wall affects the shape of poop, a body-part pirate, love as a teaching strategy, and more stories in this update!
Are chatbots poised to take over the world of education? Maybe. Read more in this issue of your favorite source of science and education news for…
Working on your syllabus? Here are some things to consider.
Burnout in both students and faculty can be a serious thing. It pays to learn more about it, so we can help our students and ourselves.

December 2022

We all love to watch babies wiggle around spontaneously. Turns out, they're doing something very important for their development.